What the funk?

The word funk initially refers to a strong odor, derived from Latin "fumigare", which means "to smoke". Funk or Funky is also known as jazz slang for something "deeply or strongly felt".

Welcome to funky town …

Even though in white culture, the term "funk" can have negative connotations being in a bad mood ("in a funk"), in African communities, the term "funk", still referring to a sweaty atmosphere, had the positive sense that a musician's hard-working, honest effort led to sweat, and from their "physical exertion" came an "exquisite" and "superlative" performance.

In early jam sessions, musicians would encourage one another to "get down" by telling one another, "Now, put some stank on it!"

Let’s funk your bunk!

Funk music is a genre that originated in African American communities in the mid-1960s when musicians created a rhythmic, danceable new form of music through a mixture of gospel, soul, jazz fusion, rhythm and blues and black rock. Funk  music is identified as sexy, loose, riff-oriented and super danceable.

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